Metamorphoses of the ideal

Andrey Maidansky

pp. 289-304

For Evald Il'enkov, philosophy is a science of the ideal. Il'enkov spent his entire life researching the logical and historical metamorphoses of the ideal. In general, he considered the ideal as a relation between at least two different things, one of which adequately represents the essence of another. At various times Il'enkov explored quite a few ideal phenomena: forms of value and forms of property, personality and talent, language, music and fine arts, not to mention numerous categories of dialectics, ethics, and aesthetics. The article also addresses the problem: which of these phenomena is the most typical and adequate form of being of the ideal?.

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DOI: 10.1007/s11212-005-1413-3

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Maidansky, A. (2005). Metamorphoses of the ideal. Studies in East European Thought 57 (3-4), pp. 289-304.

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