Guido Davide Neri


Milanese philosopher who lectured in theoretical philosophy at the University of Verona from 1968 until his death. A student of both Antonio Banfi and Enzo Paci, Neri is one of the last representatives of the Milan School, of which he brings together some of the most important topics, such as phenomenological investigation, historical and political analysis, aesthetics. Compared to his masters, whose thoughts he has deeply analyzed in his works, Neri develops an original line of research, characterized by a critique of twentieth-century ideologies and their collapses, and by a non-dogmatic reading of contemporary history, aimed at highlighting its setbacks and aporias.

Avvertenza del traduttore


in: Logica formale e trascendentale, Bari : Laterza

Eredità di Bloch


with Breccia Boella Laura

aut aut 173-174

I cinquant'anni della "Crisi" di Husserl


in: Itinerari e prospettive del personalismo, Milano : Istituto propaganda libraria