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Subjectivity and Digital Culture

Dresden, 5 - 7 September 2018

The conference aims to explore the theme of the relations between subjectivity and digital culture from a critical and interdisciplinary perspective. In particular, the underlying question addressed during the three study days will con-cern the feedback of digital cultural systems on (concious and unconscious) techniques of subjectivization, which is to say of self-perception, self-knowledge and self-transforma-tion, on the part of human subjects. The conference is organized by the Chair of Technikphiloso-phie (Philosophy of Technology) of TU Dresden, with the aim of bringing together the leading international scholars in the feld to discuss a highly topical issue. The guiding thread of the conference will be the methodologies and problems inherent to the philosophy of technology, with an eye to phenomenological and post-phenomenological repercus-sions. The aim, therefore, is not just to hold an interdiscipli-nary conference on a technology-related topic, but to create an interdisciplinary dialogue between philosophy and those disciplines that may be seen to play a complementary role in contributing to a full critical understanding of the relation between subjectivity and digital culture.