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Synästhetische Einheit der Wahrnehmung und Bewegungserfahrung

Karl Mertens(Julius-Maximilians-Universität Würzburg)

pp. 277-314


We experience perception as a holistic phenomenon that can be unfolded in different aspects assigned to different senses. Against this background two interrelated questions can be asked pointing us in opposite directions: If our original experience is a holistic one, how do we ever come to divide the unity of our perception into a multiplicity of sensory objects and experiences? And if different senses can be distinguished, what in turn is the reason for their interaction in a synesthetic unity of experience?—To answer both questions, the role of our experiences of two diferent movements associated with our perception is analyzed: (1) the so-called kinesthetic experiences, and (2) the dynamic movements associated with perceived things, events, atmospheres, etc., and their affective significance for the perceiving subject. The article argues that attention to both movements is crucial both for the possibility of separating different sensory perceptions and for the experience of a sensory unity in our perception.

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Published in:

Barcaro Marco, Duicu Dragoş (2024) Ontology and phenomenology of movement. Metodo 11 (2).

Seiten: 277-314

DOI: 10.19079/metodo.11.2.277


Mertens Karl (2024) „Synästhetische Einheit der Wahrnehmung und Bewegungserfahrung“. Metodo 11 (2), 277–314.