history and theory

Abdusalam A. Guseynov

pp. 107-117

The article discusses the role and place of the history of philosophy within the philosophical discipline. It shows that the history of philosophy is the main source and the medium of theoretical quests in all the areas of philosophical knowledge, and as such cannot be the exclusive domain for professional historians of philosophy. Being a specialized area of knowledge with its unique subject, it is an intellectual laboratory for all philosophical specialties, a place where, by the study of the philosophy of the past, we discover new ideas and find the solutions to the pressing problems of the day. Thus, this branch of philosophical investigation cannot be merely perceived as philosophical history proper, but should be rather viewed as a contemporary way of philosophizing.

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DOI: 10.1007/s11212-016-9251-z

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Guseynov, A. A. (2016). Philosophy: history and theory. Studies in East European Thought 68 (2-3), pp. 107-117.

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