Corinne Lajoie

I am interested in bridging a gap that persists between traditional phenomenology (Husserl, Merleau-Ponty) and feminist and queer approaches to embodiment. In bringing them together, I want to suggest that these approaches provide us with essential tools for thinking about specific processes of forced normalization and about a set of embodied norms that operate in our everyday practices of interacting with others in a shared lifeworld. The encroachment of these norms on our lived experience is the proper topic of my research.  
In attempting to develop a phenomenological concept of norms, I hope to show that a certain set of norms operates at a largely pre-reflexive level, opening up the world for us through a normative structure of apprehension that shapes the possibilities we conceive of and the ways in which we perceive objects and others. My current research builds on Merleau-Ponty's descriptions of spatial orientation and his concept of 'level' to develop this concept of embodied norms. My hope is that these questions can also feed into essential discussions about self-transformation, practices of care and critical awareness raising.

Research interests: phenomenology, embodiment, temporality, feminist phenomenology, feminist philosophy, embodied ethics, normativity, philosophy of perception, philosophy of emotions
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