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Das "Wesen" der Phänomenologie

Wuppertal, Germany

25th - 27th March 2020

Embodied Practices between Phenomenology and Performance

Hildesheim, Germany

6th - 7th December 2019

Philosophical Anthropology as Interdisciplinary Praxis

Köln, Germany

6th - 9th November 2019

Double Intentionality: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives

Würzburg, Germany

11th - 13th September 2019

Husserl's Phenomenology of Phantasy and Emotions

Köln, Germany

18th - 19th July 2019

Identität und Fremdheit

Würzburg, Germany

27th June 2019

Uriah Kriegel "Mood and Mode"

Würzburg, Germany

12th June 2019

Ökologie aus ökologischer Perspektive

Freiburg, Germany

20th May 2019

Transzendentales Denken

Bonn, Germany

4th February 2019

Phenomenological Interviews

Heidelberg, Germany

10th - 11th December 2018

Die lebensweltliche Erfahrung des Dementen

Heidelberg, Germany

21st November 2018

Französische Phänomenologie

Landau in der Pfalz, Germany

16th - 18th November 2018

Subjektivität und ihre Natur

Köln, Germany

18th - 20th October 2018

Bei Sinnen sein? Internationale Tagung zur Phänomenologie der Sinneswahrnehmung

Landau in der Pfalz, Germany

27th - 28th September 2018

Zeitlichkeit, Leiblichkeit und Intersubjektivität

Heidelberg, Germany

11th September 2018

Subjectivity and Digital Culture

Dresden, Germany

5th - 7th September 2018

Self and Subjectivity in Edith Stein and Hedwig Conrad-Martius

Paderborn, Germany

30th July - 3rd August 2018

Heidegger ff.

Wuppertal, Germany

3rd - 4th May 2018

Husserl und das Denken der Existenz

Köln, Germany

17th April 2018

Husserl ff.

Würzburg, Germany

15th - 17th March 2018

Die Phänomenologie und das Politische

Hagen, Germany

13th - 16th September 2017

Phenomenology as performative exercise

Dresden, Germany

31st August - 2nd September 2017

Genetische Phänomenologie

Köln, Germany

31st July - 4th August 2017

Formation of Embodied Memory

Heidelberg, Germany

6th - 8th April 2017

"Welt" as Thema der Phänomenologie

Freiburg, Germany

10th - 11th March 2017

Modes of the Unconscious

Heidelberg, Germany

13th - 14th October 2016

Neues aus der Phänomenologie

Heidelberg, Germany

15th April 2016

Das überforderte Subjekt

Heidelberg, Germany

2nd - 3rd October 2015

Mitgliederversammlung der DGAP

Heidelberg, Germany

16th May 2014

The Phenomenology of Thinking

Heidelberg, Germany

28th February - 2nd March 2013

XIX Deutscher Kongreß für Philosophie

Bonn, Germany

23rd - 27th September 2007

XVII. Deutscher Kongress für Philosophie

Leipzig, Germany

23rd - 27th September 1996

XVI. Deutscher Kongreß für Philosophie

Berlin, Germany

20th - 24th September 1993

Phänomenologie im Widerstreit

Bochum, Germany

6th - 9th October 1988

Phänomenologie und Sozialwissenschaft

Bielefeld, Germany

16th - 20th June 1981

XI. Deutscher Kongress für Philosophie

Göttingen, Germany

5th - 9th October 1975

5. wissenschaftliche Arbeitswoche über Fragen der Jugendgesundheit

Freudenstadt/Schwarzwald, Germany

25th - 31st January 1960

Deuxième Colloque international de Phénoménologie

Krefeld, Germany

1st - 3rd November 1956