Solov'ëvs letzte Philosophie

eine Annäherung an Kant?

Vesa Oittinen

pp. 97-114

In his last, uncompleted essayTeoreticheskaja filosofija (1897–1899)Vladimir Solov'ëv seems to acknowledge thecentral statements of Kant's epistemology andphilosophy of subjectivity in a manner whichhas lead many interpretators to think that hewanted to revise substantially his earlierphilosophy. A closer look at Solov'ëv'sarguments show, however, that this is not thecase: his critique of the Cartesian concept ofsubjectivity does not allow him to embraceKantianism, either. So it must be stated thateven Solov'ëv does not, in the last instance,abandon the primarily Anti-Kantian positions ofRussian idealism.

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DOI: 10.1023/A:1022995915824

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Oittinen, V. (2003). Solov'ëvs letzte Philosophie: eine Annäherung an Kant?. Studies in East European Thought 55 (2), pp. 97-114.

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