Cosmology of mind

Sergei Mareyev

pp. 249-259

In Il'enkov's "Cosmology of mind," written in his younger days in the tradition of Spinoza and Engels, the thinking mind appears as a necessary attribute of matter. Like all other main forms of matter in motion, the mind has its cosmic purpose and predestination. Il'enkov argued that it has to close the beginning and the end of the Big Cycle in order to return the dying Universe to its fiery youth. Il'enkov believed that this is the sole way to save the Universe from "thermal death" following the inevitable increase in entropy.

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DOI: 10.1007/s11212-005-1412-4

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Mareyev, S. (2005). Cosmology of mind. Studies in East European Thought 57 (3-4), pp. 249-259.

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