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Angst - Hass - Vertrauen. Phänomenologie und Phänomenalität von Gefühlen

Heidelberg, 8th October 2019


Anxiety – Hate – Trust

Phenomenology and Phenomenality of Feelings

Tuesday, October 8th, 2019 

The German Society for Phenomenological Anthropology, Psychiatry, and Psychotherapy (DGAP) invites again to a one-day workshop on the subject of the phenomena and phenomenality of feelings. This includes work on social or collective aspects of emotions and affectivity as well as intrasubjective experiences.

Recent research has increasingly revolved around the intersubjectivity of emotions. What are the sociocultural conditions of feelings? What does staging and manipulability mean today, but also the rationality and radical nature of emotions? If social feelings such as anxiety, anger and hate are the legitimate subject of many considerations due to the current political circumstances, investigations on the individual experience of hope, trust and recognition are of interest, too. The workshop encourages to present not only theoretical and conceptual works, but also philosophical études which address specific emotional phenomena, be it the oceanic feeling, Weltschmerz, Angstlust, blazing wrath, or the original, basic trust.



You can find the program here and the poster with additional information here.


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With kind regards,
Thomas Fuchs, Christian Tewes, Damian Peikert and Daniel Vespermann


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