James William Hoctor

An aspiring philosopher, social commentator and freelance writer. In September 2010, I enrolled in Carlow College (Ireland) to undertake a Bachelor of Arts in Humanities. During my time in Carlow I developed my writing by regularly contributing to the college magazine – Paddy’s Spiel. Upon finishing my bachelors, I decided to further my studies, consequently, I entered Durham University (UK) in September 2014 to pursue a Master of Arts in Philosophy. In January 2016, I was awarded a distinction for my efforts. Following this, I was awarded a Vice-Chancellor Research Scholarship as well as a Graduate Teaching Assistantship (Assistant Lecturer) in order to fund my doctoral studies at the University of Kent (UK). In September 2016, I began my research at Kent, which deals with the intersection between philosophy of mind and phenomenology by exploring intersubjectivity in monozygotic (identical) twins.


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