Zachary Hugo

I am a PhD Candidate at Universidad Alberto Hurtado in Santiago de Chile. I did my undergraduate at Loyola University Chicago. My main area of specialization is Husserl’s phenomenology, and in particular, issues in the phenomenology of perception. In my doctoral dissertation, I examine the extent to which pre-predicative perceptual experience is itself a form of reason. I do this by investigating the normative structures of perceptual experience in Husserl’s work and linking normativity to rationality. My current research seeks to draw out the various implications of Husserl’s normative theory of perception for questions concerning the relation between intentionality and the life of the intentional subject, within a transcendental framework.

Research Interests philosophy and epistemology of perception, intentionality, normativity (in the philosophy of mind), reason, naturalism, transcendental philosophy
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