Iulian Apostolescu

Iulian Apostolescu is a PhD candidate at the University of Bucharest. His research interests include: Kantian and post-Kantian transcendental philosophy, Edmund Husserl’s phenomenology, the early phenomenological movement (1900-1939), Martin Heidegger’s phenomenology, the New Phenomenology, the relation between metaphorology and the critical history of concepts in Hans Blumenberg’ oeuvre. He is assistant of the Newsletter of Phenomenology, co-editor of the Newsletter of Romanian Philosophy and main coordinator of the Edmund Husserl Facebook Circle. He is also the main coordinator for South East Europe of the Open Commons of Phenomenology.


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2018 - Phenomenological Reviews 4 (1)

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The things themselves in the light of the new phenomenology: An interview with Hermann Schmitz

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Review: D. Low, Merleau-Ponty in contemporary context

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