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(2014) The agon of interpretations, Toronto, University of Toronto Press.

Comparing the incomparable

Bernhard Waldenfels

pp. 83-98

Over the past two centuries we have come to accept the existence of diverse languages, customs, and cultures; in doing so, however, we run the risk of going from one extreme to the other. Sometimes we emphasize foreignness to the point that life-worlds and culture-worlds close up like clams in their shells, sealing themselves into their own meanings and norms; other times we play down foreignness by allowing it to become blurred by an ethos of general humanity, by entrusting it to global regimes, or by offering it as a cultural good in the world market.

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Waldenfels, B. (2014)., Comparing the incomparable, in M. Xie (ed.), The agon of interpretations, Toronto, University of Toronto Press, pp. 83-98.

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Translation of

Comparare l’incomparabile: Una oscillazione interculturale


Bernhard Waldenfels

Rivista Internazionale di Filosofia e Psicologia 3/2