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ISBN 9780521038935

Modern European Philosophy

Heidegger's analytic

Interpretation, discourse, and authenticity in Being and Time

Taylor Carman

This book offers an interpretation of Heidegger's major work, Being and Time. Unlike those who view Heidegger as an idealist, Taylor Carman argues that Heidegger is best understood as a realist. Amongst the distinctive features of the book are an interpretation explicitly oriented within a Kantian framework (often taken for granted in readings of Heidegger) and an analysis of Dasein in relation to recent theories of intentionality, notably those of Dennett and Searle. Rigorous, jargon-free and deftly argued this bookwill be necessary reading for all serious students of Heidegger.

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DOI: 10.1017/CBO9780511498060

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Carman, T. (2003). Heidegger's analytic: Interpretation, discourse, and authenticity in Being and Time, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge.

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