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Phenomenology of values and personal identity

Milano, 2 - 3 December 2021

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Axiology, normativity, ethics are more and more investigated in contemporary phenomenology, often in the frame of well-established phenomenological contributions to social ontology, especially as concerns we-identity and its relationships to personal identity.

Axiology is largely debated within analytic philosophy and cognitive science. While reductive approaches are widely questioned in metaethics and philosophy of mind, a functionalist approach to the notion of value prevails in cognitive science, where reference to the experiential dimensions of our value-judgment and commitment is often neglected.

From a phenomenological point of view, value experience is a self-revealing and self-constitutive mode of consciousness, both from a singular (“me”) and from a plural (“we”) first-person perspective. Contemporary research, both in phenomenology and on phenomenological traditions, will be the main focus of our workshop.